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Coogee Construction Ltd

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Looking to renovate? Look no further! Coogee has delivered superior value to satisfied customers in the Edmonton area since 1994. You can trust Coogee to get the job done right the first time.

Coogee Construction is a general contracting business specializing in commercial & residential renovations. Thier clean, professional employees working in tandem with their extensive network of top quality, licensed subcontractors, are dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Coogee Construction was established in 1994 in Edmonton, Alberta. Since their inception, they have been Licenced and Insured in accordance with City of Edmonton bylaws. They are a member of the Renovator’s Council with the Edmonton Region Home Builder’s Association and have special training in Energy Efficient Renovations through the National Energy Conservation Association.

Tennant Improvements & General Contracting

Coogee can turn your commercial space into a beautiful store or office. Coogee's staff is professional and experienced in working with multiple sub-trades simultaneously, ensuring accurate turn around times and on budget completions. Let Coogee take charge of your project today!

Residential Contracting

Residential renovations can be stressful and hectic! Make your project simple by bringing Coogee Construction in to renovate your home. Qualified and professional team members will make your renovation painless. Whether it's a new kitchen or every room in the house, Coogee will complete your project on time and on budget.

Basement Developments

Coogee Construction specializes in basement renovations year round. Coogee can turn your unfinished basement into a beautiful rec room, basement suite, or extra bedrooms for a growing family. Their professional and highly skilled team can make your dreams come true with minimal disturbance to daily living space.

Location: Edmonton


Phone:   780-903-4003

Coogee Construction Ltd

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Coogee Construction LtdCoogee Construction LtdCoogee Construction LtdCoogee Construction LtdCoogee Construction LtdCoogee Construction Ltd


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