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Bethpage Construction Corporation

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Bethpage Homes is a professional building team, dedicated to excellence while constructing the home of your dreams. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, flawless quality, while maintaining a timely completion.

Our extensive knowledge of the New Home construction industry has lead us to where we are today - a boutique builder that cares about the people we serve and the homes we build. Quality is paramount over Quantity - we start with a select number of proven floor plans and then we customize those plans to suit your needs and desires.

From floor plan to finishing - each home is a statement about its final owner and their tastes and style.

Visit us at our showhome and see for yourself what choosing us as your custom builder will mean to you!

Location: Edmonton

Street Address:


Phone:   780.945.9832

Bethpage  Construction Corporation

Listing added on: 02/23/21 , Total hits: 413
Bethpage  Construction Corporation

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